Deb – Hygienist

About Me

Debra’s enthusiasm for dental health saw her return to school after five years spent working as a Certified Dental Assistant in Alberta to further her education, graduating as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 2007. Debra’s broad experience and education make her a very knowledgeable and valuable addition to the Dentistry on Dundas team. Debra has enhanced her career to include Myofunctional Therapy and Buteyko Breathing Therapy to help patients promote proper tongue rest postures and breathing patterns. These therapy techniques have been known to help with proper facial growth, chewing and swallowing, nasal breathing, anxiety, asthma, and sleep disorders. Her warm uplifting personality helps to improve the oral health and wellbeing of all her patients.

Fun Facts

Favourite Quote:If You Have the Power to Make Someone Smile, DO IT!” 
Favourite Book: The Red Tent – Anita Diamant
Favourite Movie: Summer Rental
Favourite Person: There are a few, I can’t decide! So many strong women in my life!
Favourite Food: Stinky Cheese
Favourite Website:
Favourite Thing to do at work: Clean areas that no one cleans!
I absolutely love: Stinky cheese and red wine
I dislike: doing laundry
Pet Peeves When people don’t pick up after themselves

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