Hazel – Hygienist

About Me

Hazel has been a dental hygienist for 11 years. She also has an honours bachelor’s degree in health sciences from York University. She is passionate about her job and takes pride in providing a high level of care and making sure that her patients feel comfortable in the dental chair and leave the office feeling happy and healthy.

Aside from her work, Hazel enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is passionate about health and fitness. Staying active and working out are her favourite things to do.

Fun Facts

Favourite Quote: “be you, do you”

Favourite Food: Depends on the day, but I never say no to pizza, pasta and sushi

Favourite Thing: A chill evening in a clean house

Favourite Thing to do at work: Scaling heavy tarter no jokes!!

I absolutely love: Working out, Traveling, spending time with family

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