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Clinical & Administrative Assistant

Tianna joined the Dentistry on Dundas team in January 2020 as a clinical coordinator with the responsibilities of ensuring all the clinical staff have everything they need, helping set up or clean-up rooms, sterilization of all the dental instruments and stocking/updating inventory. In June 2020 Tianna was brought onto administration staff as well to now have the title of Clinical and Administrative Assistant with the same responsibilities as before with the addition of filing/pulling charts,creating new patient charts, checking in patients when they arrive, and any other administrative tasks that need be.

Fun Facts

Favourite Quote: “Show up. Be brave. Be daring. Be full of light. Be open. Be human. Make mistakes. Make love. Make friends. Make amends. Make due. Make yourself happy. Make a difference. Show up.” -Alexandra Elle
Favourite Colour:  Pink
Favourite Food: How can I pick just one?! Breakfast- Pancakes & Bacon; Lunch/Dinner-Italian/Seafood; Dessert- Anything chocolate/pie/creme brulee
Favourite Thing To Do: Listen to music
Favourite Thing at work: Seeing everyone’s smiles and talking to patients.
I love: Vacations
I dislike: Going on vacation and shopping!
AKA: Ti/Little one 

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