Our Dental Services in Whitby, ON

Sedation dentistry options for a relaxing visit.

Your child’s first visit to our dental office.

Cosmetic bonding to repair discoloured or chipped teeth
Cosmetic tooth replacement or increase chewing function
Strengthen broken down teeth or improve esthetics.
Replace single or multiple teeth almost like your own.
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Complete or partial dentures can replace your missing.
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Streamline steps in all aspects of dental care.
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We specialize in advanced digital radiography.
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Esthetic process for straightening your teeth.
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Esthetic and Functional correction of your teeth.
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Come for a comfortable checkup at your pace.
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Gum disease treatment or cosmetic treatment.
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Cosmetic teeth covering to correct spacing, chips or discolouration.
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Esthetic and Functional correction of your teeth.
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Treatment from changing toothpaste to more extensive procedures.
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Loud snoring often indicates the presence of sleep apnea.
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Visit us for checkups after surgery.
Tooth coloured resin to fill cavities.
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Remove wisdom teeth that do not have room to grow.

We now offer injection therapy to both relieve pain and improve your appearance!

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