Cone Beam Technology in Whitby, ON

For A Better Understanding Of Your Smile

Digital dentistry has allowed great strides to be made in the prevention and treatment of oral health issues. X-rays are especially important, as they allow dentists to gain a detailed understanding of the health and structure of your smile. Today, patients at Dentistry on Dundas can receive more accurate and better detailed dental X-rays with a powerful technology called cone beam computed tomography. 

What Is Cone Beam Computed Tomography?

To understand CBCT, it’s important to know what computed tomography is. 

  • Computed tomography (CT) is a computerized system capable of taking digitized X-rays that are aimed at and rotated around your entire body, allowing doctors to take images of your soft tissues, bones, nerves, and organs. 
  • Cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT, uses a cone shaped beam to take cross sectional X-rays of specific areas of your head and neck instead of your entire body.  

How Cone Beam Computed Tomography Works

The cone beam scanner is attached to a mechanical arm that extends to the proper length. The scanner rotates around your head, rapidly generating a huge amount of 2D images. These images are combined by the system to form a complete, 3D image.  

Benefits of Cone Beam Computed Tomography

  • Higher accuracy
  • Allows better placement of dental implants 
  • Lower radiation exposure than traditional CT
  • Reliable diagnostic capabilities
  • Fast image reproduction
  • Large, clear image details
  • Detects and measures tumors
  • Locates the origin of oral pain
  • Diagnose TMJ

Preparing For Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Before you undergo X-ray imaging with CBCT, we’ll usually recommend a few things to guarantee ease and accuracy:

  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing
  • Be prepared to remove items that may interfere such as jewelry & hearing aids
  • Inform your dentists beforehand if you’re pregnant or think you’re pregnant

Frequently Asked Questions

While cone beam CT delivers less radiation than traditional CT, it still involves more radiation exposure than the usually miniscule amounts associated with traditional X-rays. However, the benefits of CBCT far outweigh the risks, as long as the procedure is carried out by a trained professional, and only performed when necessary. 

The cost of your CBCT procedure will depend on a number of factors. Dentistry on Dundas offers a variety of financing options to help ensure your treatment is both affordable and on time. 

Cone Beam Computed Tomography Paints a Clearer Picture

For truly detailed X-rays, cone beam technology helps produce the clearest images possible, increasing the accuracy of your diagnosis and the effectiveness of your treatment. To learn more about CBCT, schedule an appointment at our Whitby, ON office by dialing (905) 666-1555. You can also book an appointment online, and one of our friendly staff will return your message shortly.

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