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Invisalign Clear Aligners: Quick, Discreet, and Comfortable

When you’re dealing with misaligned teeth, you might be more inclined to hide your smile rather than show it off. Orthodontic treatments can help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile that will last longer and function better, but traditional orthodontic treatment usually involves uncomfortable, unattractive metal braces. 

Metal braces usually take almost two years before providing results, can negatively impact your self-esteem, and make you even less inclined to show your smile. Luckily, at Dentistry On Dundas, our Whitby dentists offer Invisalign®, a clear, quick, and comfortable treatment option.  

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment system that uses clear aligner trays made from patented SmartTrack® material. Much like regular braces, Invisalign clear aligner trays exert constant pressure on your teeth over time, correcting their alignment. 

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign Clear Aligners

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are:

  • Removable: You can remove your Invisalign clear aligners to eat and drink what you like and to easily clean them.
  • Comfortable: Invisalign doesn’t use uncomfortable metal brackets and wires that can poke and irritate your mouth. 
  • Clear: Invisalign aligners are almost completely transparent, making your orthodontic treatment unnoticeable.
  • Quick: Average treatment with Invisalign is one year, which is half the average time of traditional metal braces.

How Do Invisalign Clear Aligners Work?

Each Invisalign clear aligner set is custom-made to serve as a guide for your teeth to follow. As you wear each set of Invisalign aligner trays for their prescribed amount of time, your teeth will be shifted into new positions. When you reach the end of your aligner tray series, your treatment is complete. 

Invisalign clear aligners are worn over your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours per day for two to four weeks, each depending on your case. You’ll only remove your trays to eat, drink, and clean your teeth.  

Qualifying for Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign is a versatile orthodontic treatment option that can benefit both teens and adults. In general, Invisalign can effectively address a variety of common dental issues, including:

  • Crowded Teeth: Invisalign can gradually align and straighten crowded teeth, creating more space for proper alignment and enhancing overall dental health.
  • Gaps between Teeth: Invisalign can effectively close small to moderate gaps between teeth, improving your smile’s appearance and functionality.
  • Overbite, Underbite, and Crossbite: Invisalign can help correct mild to moderate bite issues, such as overbite (upper teeth protruding), underbite (lower teeth protruding), and crossbite (misalignment of upper and lower teeth when biting).
  • Open Bite: Invisalign can address an open bite, where the upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly when biting down.

Who Might Not Qualify for Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

While Invisalign is suitable for many cases, there may be limitations or specific instances where it may not be the recommended treatment option. Factors that may affect candidacy or suitability include:

  • Severe Dental Misalignments: Invisalign is generally most effective for mild to moderate dental misalignments. Severe cases may require alternative orthodontic treatments.
  • Jaw Alignment Issues: Invisalign primarily focuses on tooth movement and may not be sufficient to address significant jaw alignment issues. In such cases, additional orthodontic interventions may be necessary.
  • Young Children: Invisalign is typically not recommended for children who still have primary (baby) teeth. Orthodontic treatment in these cases is often deferred until the permanent teeth have fully emerged.

To determine if Invisalign is the right treatment option for you, consult with an experienced orthodontist or dentist like those at Dentistry on Dundas. We’ll evaluate your needs and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.

The Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Process

Initial Consultation

Before starting orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, you’ll need to attend a consultation with one of our dentists at our Whitby, ON dental office. To evaluate your candidacy for Invisalign treatment, your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, review your medical history and discuss your orthodontic goals with you. They’ll also discuss costs and financing options with you.

Designing Your Invisalign Clear Aligners

Once your Whitby Invisalign dentist has determined that you’re an ideal candidate for Invisalign, we’ll take images of your mouth and teeth. These will serve as the blueprints for your aligner trays. Your aligner trays will be fabricated off-site at a special lab owned by Invisalign. You’ll return to our office once your trays have been delivered and have them fitted.

Receiving Your Invisalign Clear Aligners

Your custom-made Invisalign clear aligners will easily snap onto your teeth. Your dentist will make sure your first set fits correctly before giving you the rest of your trays. They may have you return for more appointments and order new trays to ensure your treatment remains effective. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your Invisalign trays is essential to keeping your treatment plan on track. To maintain your aligners, our Whitby Invisalign dentists provide the following guidelines:

  1. Take out your aligner trays before you eat, drink fluids other than water, and clean your teeth.
  2. Clean your trays with lukewarm water, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and a gentle antibacterial soap or toothpaste.
  3. Store your aligners in their protective case in a place that’s easy to remember when not in use.
  4. Soak your aligner trays at least once a day in a mix of three parts lukewarm water and one part white vinegar. You can also use Invisalign cleaning crystals
  5. Rinse your aligners before putting them back in your mouth.
  6. Remove your aligners from back to front to avoid tearing them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Invisalign clear aligners snap on quickly and painlessly, requiring no anesthetic. Some discomfort in the first few days is a common side effect. However, this pain often subsides after a few days and is easy to treat with over-the-counter medication. 

If you feel like your discomfort is unbearable, not responding to pain medication, or not subsiding after a few days, contact your office immediately. They’ll address any issues you may be experiencing and ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. 

Invisalign tends to cost a bit more than traditional metal braces, and the cost of your Invisalign treatment can vary based on factors such as the severity of your alignment issues and your insurance. 

Contact your insurance provider beforehand and ask them what they will and won’t cover for orthodontic treatment. Your dentist may also offer flexible financing options to help patients afford their orthodontic treatment.  

Failing to remove your aligners while eating and drinking anything other than water can lead to various issues. It can damage the aligner trays, disrupt or delay the treatment process, and result in oral health problems like bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. 

Initially, you may experience a slight adjustment period where your speech may be affected. However, most people adapt quickly to wearing the aligners, and any temporary speech changes typically resolve within a short time.

Call Dentistry On Dundas! We Proudly Offer Invisalign Treatment!

At Dentistry On Dundas, we’re proud and excited to offer this revolutionary orthodontic dentistry treatment. With Invisalign clear aligners, you could get the results you want in half the time of traditional metal braces without the pain or the embarrassment. 

To schedule a consultation with one of our skilled dentists, dial (905) 666-1555 or book an appointment online using the form at the bottom of the page. We’re here to help patients from Whitby and surrounding areas such as Oshawa, Ajax, and Courtice, ON leave embarrassing metal braces behind and smile bright again with Invisalign.  

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